Wasem’s History


Founder Weldon Wasem 1899-1993 University of Washington Pharmacology graduate 1923. He worked at McMillan’s Pharmacy in Lewiston until he purchased Clarkston Pharmacy. 
Pictured left to right: 
Weldon Wasem, EN Clark, Bill Caster, Bob Kidwel, D Galiger (picture taken around 1930).


• 1925 – 1936: Clarkston Drug Store 845 Sixth St. Clarkston, WA

• 1936 – 1945: Wasem’s Drugs in Lewiston, ID 628 Main St. which he had to sell to Payless Drug due to illness.

• 1946 – 1950: Weldon and Wes Tollenaar opened a photo and appliance store. This is where his love of camera’s started and we still have a photo department.

Weldon sold his shares to Wes and bought back 1950 Clarkston Drug Store. His son Clifford was graduating soon from Pharmacy School, so he thought it was a good time to re-enter the pharmacy world.

This same year he and Paul Schurman Sr. entered a partnership in the hardware and furniture business.


In 1952 His son Clifford Wasem graduated from Washington State College of Pharmacy and joined him in the pharmacy. Weldon sold his share of the hardware store to Schurman, but operated both the furniture and pharmacy, Weldon’s son-in-law Roy Burke joined the furniture business and later purchased it. It became Burke’s Furniture.

In 1959 land was purchased on 6th and Elm street to build Wasem’s Drug where it now is located. Completion of the building was in 1966.


In 1980 Weldon and Clifford were joined by grandson and son Rick Wasem Washington State Univeristy pharmacy graduate 1980 and Jon Wasem who ran the photo department. Both son’s worked in the store from a very young age.


Rick Wasem, Weldon Wasem, Clifford Wasem and Jon Wasem (late 1980’s)

• 2012: Rick Wasem Sold the store to two long-term employees; Cindy Wendt-Wyatt, R.ph and Lisa Byers to continue in his family tradition.