CPAP & Bi-PAP Supplies

CPAP & Bi-PAP Supplies

Wasem's is your respiratory equipment headquarters!

Located conveniently in Clarkston, WA, Wasem's is your primary resource for dependable, lasting respiratory supplies. It's our mission to assist and encourage each and every patient into the transition of CPAP or BiPAP therapy with a personal touch.

We offer a variety of CPAP and BiPAP solutions, including Phillip Respironics masks as well as ResMed AirSense 10 CPAP and BiPAP AirCurve 10 machines, programmable for prescribed pressures or auto titration.

Let our caring, family-oriented staff help you on your path to total respiratory health with the right CPAP and BiPAP solutions. Learn more below, and contact us today for guidance.

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